My Heart Was Officially Broken Tonight

Lock Saturday the 6th of April in as the day it was over.

This is the date that the football team I have followed since 1975 lost me.  The Melbourne Demons are officially the WORST ever team I have even seen and that includes the 25 years I played for the East Keilor Football Club.MFC

I had my friends on Facebook saying stick with em, keep the faith.  Put yourself in my shoes and see if you would do it.

It is too hard and it is affecting me too emotionally to continue.

I won’t be attending ANY Melbourne games in 2013 and why should I?  They aren’t going themselves.

If this was a real job there would be a bucket load of them on the brink of getting sacked.

I feel sorry for Mark Neeld but is he part of the problem?  Something is definitely broken and no-one knows how to fix it.

What would you do? Give me a reason to not microwave my membership?

  • Matty76

    Mate, I have been a Hawthorn Member since 1990 yet was moved to write this on my Facebook page tonight:

    For the first time in memory I switched off the tv tonight in disgust at a team that I don’t even barrack for.
    The Melbourne Football Club is no more than a hig profile “Boys Club” where the tail wags the dog at every level. This is a club that has achieved nothing since 1964 and as such can only glorify ‘names’ rather than actual achievements. Exactly what they stand for I do not know, although I can’t be bothered finding out….or caring for that matter.
    The scoreboard itself only tells part of the story – the club is in a desperately sad mess and I have no idea how its hardcore, loyal Members and supporters could even HOPE to begin to understand or deal with it. One of the oldest football clubs in the world is at death’s door spiritually and emotionally and it certainly is a sad time for those of us who grew up during the old VFL days.

  • Vinnie Gambino

    The future is ahead, however can the club wait that long?
    Every senior except for N Jones should consdier other job opportunities outside of the AFL.

  • Pepperama

    Agree. Hard to watch at the moment.