My Number 1 Pet Hate

I work in Albert Park, just across the road from the Grand Prix track and parking around the area is a bit of a bung fight. Depending on the time I get to work may mean I miss out on an $10 all-day parking spot and have to settle for moving my car every three hours and $21 lighter in the hip pocket.

So I have decided to take the train to work. I don’t mind it. It allows me to sit down and either read a book, catch up on my TV shows (love Arrow) or watch a movie. As it is a 45 minute trip each way I can complete a couple of chapters, a complete episode or half a movie one way and the other half on the way home. Like the car park at work, depending on the time you get to the station can mean getting a car park or having to spot your car up to a kilometre up the street. That’s the luck of the draw.

Most people who park at the station do the right thing. They abide by the rules and go about their daily business. What I have started to notice over the last couple of months is the number of cars that are parking in disabled spots that do not have a valid disabled parking sticker. And does that piss me off!

You have no right AT ALL to park there! The spots have been provided for people who require parking close to the platform to enable them an easier travel experience. Not for those people who are like ‘Oh, that’s too far to walk. No-one will care that I park here and I haven’t seen too many disabled sticker cars in these spaces often’. Do you know why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TAKEN IT FROM THEM! It is their legal right to park there not yours! And don’t give me the ‘I left the sticker at home’ excuse either. The sticker is supposed to stay in the allocated car at all times.

I have also noticed this growing trend at shopping centres as well. People parking in disabled spaces as they ‘pop-in’ to get a couple of items. Not good enough.

It is time to take a stand and let people know what we think about their self-centred antics. A note on the windscreen, letting your feelings known is what it may take.

What are your thoughts? What is your pet hate? Leave a comment below.

  • Rells

    When idiots put the wrong trolley back in the trolley bay and I can’t get my $2 back!

  • Howienator

    When my protein powder sticks to the bottom of my shaker and no matter how hard i shake it, it doesn’t come out.

  • Moo

    The nuffy’s who go through the 12 items or less isle with more than 12 items!! Its called EXPRESS lane for a reason!!! Should have gone to Spevsavers!!

  • Michelle

    Narrow car spaces at shopping centers. I have a bunch of little people I need to carry in and out of the car.

  • Jamie Wallis

    When people promise to take you to the opening round of footy for months when both your teams are facing off, only to pull the pin on you Friday night

  • Drew

    I saw a couple the other day in a Holden Maloo reverse into a disabled spot and proceed to light up a cigarette and have a chat. No sticker visible, engine running and clearly taking advantage of the wide open space up close to the supermarket. I went inside to grab an item and when I came back out the cops had arrived and had proceeded to write them up a ticket. Justice served!