I Need Advice On Buying A Car

I am not the greatest when it comes to cars so I need your help.

If you have been on my Facebook page (click the FB icon in the top right of the site) you will see that my 2000 Holden Astra (the worst car ever made) is on its last legs.

It is critical that your next car is on the mark as the last two I have had were lemons (remember my yellow Pulsar anyone?).

I have some sort of idea what type of car I need but no idea what to buy in terms of reputation.  The type of car I am looking for is:

  • Medium sized sedan (needs to seat two kids in the back)
  • No 4WD (Narelle doesn’t want one)
  • Either a Nissan,Mazda,  Toyota or Hyundai
  • To buy or lease?  Pros and Cons
  • New or used?
  • Any websites worth using for research / buying.

I’m thinking of asking help from some friends at your next car. But, can you also please help me?  Leave a comment below on your thoughts as I need as much help as possible, including makes and models you would recommend.

  • Thelma Houlis

    I recently leased a used 2011 Kia Cerato sedan. It had the balance of a new car warranty that takes it to 2016 and it goes pretty well.

    Sports auto, reverse sensors and Bluetooth- all a big plus.

    The kids fit in comfortably in the back and heaps of boot space for Costco shopping.

    The best thing about a lease is its easier to budget- the same amount is taken out each pay and I never have to budget for rego, servicing or insurance.

  • Pepperama

    Thanks Thelma. I didn’t think of a Kia as an option for us. I will have to have a look. Thanks.

  • Pepperama

    I found some potential on a website called and they had some cars that fit what we are looking for.